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Vegan capsule shells
Capsules made from plant-based cellulose fibres
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Exclusive high-quality cultivation
Freshly harvested fruit & vegetables from community farms
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Complete vitamin supply
Vitamins for important bodily functions
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Info (Daily Vitamins)
Dietary supplements
Apple pectin, cellulose capsule, broccoli powder, broccoli concentrate, tomato powder, carrot powder, spinach powder, kale powder, brussels sprouts germ powder, onion extract, maltodextrin, starch, emulsifier lecithin), apple pectin, cellulose (capsule) grape powder, grape seed extract, grape seed extract, wild blueberry powder, wild blueberry extract, raspberry powder, raspberry seed concentrate, cranberry powder, powder of plum, cherry powder, blueberry powder, blueberry extract, strawberry powder, anti-caking agent silicon dioxide), Spirulina algae powder, L-ascorbic acid, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, anti-caking agent, apple powder (maltodextrin), apple juice concentrate, apple puree, acidity regulator citric orange powder (orange juice concentrate, maltodextrin, acidity regulator citric acid ), nicotinamide, calcium D-pantothenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, thiamine mononitrate, retinyl acetate, pteroyl monoglutamic acid, D-biotin, cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin. May contain traces of: gluten, egg protein and milk (including lactose).
Dietary supplements are a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children.
Special ingredients in portion
Mix of vegetable extracts and vegetable powder 360mg
Mix of fruit extracts and fruit powder 160mg
 of which polyphenols 48mg
Apple powder 20mg
Orange powder 20mg
Spirulina algae powder 100mg
Apple pectin 200mg
vitamins in portion NRV 1
Vitamin A 800μg 100%
Vitamin D 5.0μg 100%
Vitamin E 12mg 100%
vitamin C 80mg 100%
Vitamin B1 1.1mg 100%
Vitamin B2 1.4mg 100%
Vitamin B6 1.4mg 100%
Vitamin B12 2.5μg 100%
niacin 16mg 100%
Pantothenic acid 6.0mg 100%
Folic acid 200ug 100%
biotin 50ug 100%

1 As a percentage of the reference values ​​for daily intake (= nutrient reference values).  Recommended use: 2 capsules daily with sufficient liquid.

Dosage & Preparation

Take 2 capsules (1 portion) a day with plenty of liquid.

Recommended times
  • Morning
  • Evening
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Best vitamins iv ever tried. My sleep is back to normal my skin is looking good & defiantly more energy.


I feel very good after I started using the vitamins.


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i really like the daily vitamins but the capsules are pretty big.


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the daily vitamins are the perfect supplement to my nutrition.

good supplement

I still prefer consuming vitamins through fruits and vegetables, but this is a good option to make sure I get enough of my daily vitamins.

I feel good

I like the fact that this supports my daily fruit and vegetable intake to make sure that all vitamins are provided to me in adequate amounts. I feel so much better taking the Daily Vitamins.

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General information about purchasing vitamins

Vitamins are essential to life, because they play an important role in human metabolism. They need to be obtained through food on a daily basis because, with the exception of vitamin D and niacin, the body cannot produce them itself. Although they are essential, they do not constitute a source of energy and are not required as a "building material". So why are vitamins so important for athletes?

Vitamins are involved in the following processes

  • Utilisation of nutrients found in food
  • Cultivation and conversion of amino acids
  • Formation of blood cells and hormones
  • Construction of cells, bones, teeth
  • Regulating the nervous system

What are water-soluble vitamins?
The water-soluble (hydrophilic) vitamins include vitamin C and all the B vitamins. They can be found in all the aqueous parts of the body, that is to say, in the blood and intercellular spaces. With the exception of vitamin B12, water-soluble vitamins cannot be stored by the body. Any oversupply is simply excreted. This means that reserves cannot be created for "bad times".

What are liposoluble vitamins?

Liposoluble (lipophilic) vitamins include vitamins A, D, E and K. Because these are only fat-soluble and not water-soluble, they are not flushed out in the urine, they are stored instead. This allows the body to stock up the vitamins. The body can then use this "stock" in the event of a shortage.

Vitamin supplements should ideally provide as complete a profile as possible of both water-soluble and liposoluble vitamins. The most natural raw materials guarantee an ideal composition.

That's why at foodspring we attach great importance to the origins of our Daily Vitamins. Vitamins are gently extracted from real fruit through innovative filtering techniques and spray drying. Grapes, strawberries, apples and oranges provide you with everything your body needs. A fruit basket in a capsule, if you will. We also obtain the minerals from real plants, like spinach, broccoli, curly kale and algae extract.

Highlights of Daily Vitamins by foodspring

  • 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins B1, B2, B6 & B12
  • 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C and vitamin D
  • 50% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin A
  • Additional supply of essential minerals
  • Extracted from natural fruits and vegetables
  • Carefully selected raw materials
  • Vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free
  • Quality made in Germany

The effects of Daily Vitamins

A balanced diet should normally cover your daily requirements. However, thanks to the stresses and strains of everyday life it is not always easy to maintain a balanced diet. When this is the case and if your needs are significantly increased by sports or other physical activities, it is worth buying vitamins in the form of dietary supplements. Vitamin supplements like Daily Vitamins are a natural and convenient solution.

There are 13 vitamins in total. Daily Vitamins by foodspring cover your B vitamin, vitamin C and vitamin D requirements and top up your vitamin A requirements. All of these vitamins play important roles in terms of our health.

Vitamin functions

Vitamin Function naturally occurring
A Hormone production, immune system, vision Milk fat, fish, liver, fruit, vegetables
B1 Energy metabolism, cardiac function Meat, peas, oatmeal
B2 Supports the nervous system Green leafy vegetables, whole grain products, meat
B3 Fat metabolism, formation of messenger substances in the brain Yeast, lean meat, fish
B5 Synthesis and normal metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin D and certain neurotransmitters Wheat, vegetables, liver
B6 Various metabolic processes Potatoes, liver, kiwis
B7 Healthy skin and hair, fingernails Liver, cauliflower
B9 Important for cell division Wheat, pumpkin, liver
B12 Formation of red blood cells, kidney function Milk, fish, liver, algae
C Important for the immune system during/after intense physical exertion Oranges, lemons, paprika, rose hip
D predominantly calcium absorption, essential for bone density oily fish, liver, eggs, produced by the body when exposed to sunlight

High-quality vitamin supplements also contain minerals. These are additional so-called micro nutrients that we need to maintain our natural performance.

Minerals are essential, i.e. they must be obtained from food.

Overview of minerals

MineralFunctionnaturally occurring
CalciumFormation of bones and teeth, blood clotting, nervesMilk, yoghurt, cheese, green vegetables
Potassiumcontributes to normal muscle functionPotatoes, bananas, vegetables
Magnesiumhelps reduce tiredness and fatigueWhole grain products, milk, green vegetables
SodiumWater distribution in the body, heart rhythm and muscle workSalty food e.g. sausage, cheese, chips

Trace elements are also included with the minerals, but as the name suggests, these are only required in small amounts.

Trace elements include iodine, iron, zinc, copper, fluorine, phosphorus and selenium.

Overview of trace elements

Trace elementFunctionnaturally occurring
Iodinesupports thyroid functionFish, seafood, iodised salt
Ironcontributes to normal blood formationMeat, egg yolk, oatmeal, chia seeds
Fluorineforms enamelFish, cereals, black tea/td>
Coppercontributes to normal iron transportChocolate, liver, cereal
PhosphorEnergy metabolism, regulation of acid-base balanceDairy products, meat, fish
Seleniumimportant for the immune system, antioxidant effectLiver, fish, meat, nuts
Zinccontributes to normal acid-base metabolism, skin and hair qualityMeat, shellfish

Taking Daily Vitamins

If you decide to buy vitamins, should pay attention to serving suggestions that work well with your ordinary diet. Daily Vitamins by foodspring are very simple to use: Take two capsules per day with plenty of liquid.

It remains up to you whether you want to take both capsules at the same time or one in the morning and one in the evening. The important thing is to take them regularly to benefit in the long term.

Daily vitamins are ideal for exercise

Whether you're an ultra-long distance runner or an avid fitness fan: If you demand a lot from your body, you also need to pay it back. Daily Vitamins by foodspring can support the regeneration process after strenuous exercise.

If you are following an intensive muscle building regime you will have increased vitamin requirements, particularly after intense weight training and will benefit from an additional source of vitamins.

Daily Vitamins for your beach body

Diets are often associated with a significant reduction in choice in terms of food, as well as a reduction in food itself. Ruling out high-fat foods and sugary fruit can quickly lead to nutritional deficiencies.

The body is also generally weakened by a calorie deficit. This makes buying additional vitamins worthwhile.

Daily vitamins for health and wellbeing

We all go through phases in our lives when our defences could use some support. If you work with children, take a tightly-packed train to and from work everyday, have a particularly stressful job or are recovering from an operation, you need a strong immune system.

Daily Vitamins are a great "protective shield". The vitamin D contained in the Daily Vitamins is needed most during the dark winter months when the days are short and the sunlight, which the body needs to produce vitamin D, is reduced.

Vitamin D is said to contribute to the formation of teeth and bones. 

Our Daily Vitamins contain a large number of essential vitamins and help you get through the winter months cold-free and full of energy.

Buying vitamins online – what you need to look out for

Vitamin supplements are among the best-selling dietary supplements in Germany. Nowadays you can find them on the shelves at discount supermarkets and on the internet, of course. The differences in quality are immense: A study in the German consumer magazine "Ökotest" showed that many suppliers fail to include an adequate dosage or include dangerously high doses of certain ingredients.

When buying vitamins you should also be mindful of the origin of the vitamins and minerals. The vast majority of manufacturers produce purely synthetic ingredients in order to save costs. Vitamin supplements from natural raw materials should be given preference.

Daily Vitamins by foodspring are made from fruits and vegetables and set new standards in terms of production processes.

foodspring's vitamins follow strict EU regulations and guarantee an optimised composition of the components. Vegans buying vitamin supplements in capsule form should be aware that the capsules are usually made from animal gelatine. foodspring does not use any ingredients of animal origin, but rather capsules made from cellulose fibres. This makes them suitable for a vegan diet.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use foodspring Daily Vitamins?

Most vitamin supplements contain only synthetically-produced vitamins. These are grown in a lab to imitate their natural counterparts. However, this process does not yield the same quality as natural vitamins. The nutrient extracts in our Daily Vitamins come from real fruits and vegetables. We use a variety of raw ingredients so that our Daily Vitamins offer all the essential vitamins.

Do Daily Vitamins replace the need for fruit and vegetables?

We talk and give advice to customers every day, our primary focus being on raising awareness about a healthy, balanced diet. The consumption of fruit and vegetables plays an important role here. Our Daily Vitamins provide a near optimal daily supply of vitamins. But of course, a healthy diet should still include fresh fruits and vegetables.

Why do you use real vitamins from fruit and vegetables?

Artificial vitamins are created in the lab to imitate their natural counterparts, such as the chemical equivalent of Vitamin C contained in an orange. However, it is not always possible to create a 1:1 replica. Studies show that our body can differentiate between artificial and natural vitamins and can absorb the natural ones much better. To guarantee that our product is as natural as possible, with maximum bioavailability, we only use carefully extracted vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables.

Do pesticides used in fruit and vegetable farming do you any harm?

The intensive use of chemical pesticides has an impact on health. The residues are like a poison to your body and cause it unnecessary harm. Moreover, the intensive use of pesticides endangers the health of agricultural workers, not to mention how these chemicals damage the soil and the environment. For the sake of your health, the health of others and the environment, we choose only to use fruits and vegetables from sustainable community farms that do not require the intensive use of pesticides.

Are foodspring Daily Vitamins vegan?

Our capsule shells are made of 100% natural, renewable cellulose. We are opposed to the use of cheap capsule shells made of gelatine and only use quality, natural raw ingredients for both the capsule and the ingredients contained within.