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Fitness recipes - the tasty way to get in shape

Is it possible to eat well and stay fit? And enjoy tasty food, too? With fitness recipes based on a balanced distribution of nutrients and healthy ingredients, it is!

All fitness recipes are characterised by a cleverly-composed nutrient ratio and are designed to be highly functional.

In other words, anyone wanting to build muscle mass will have to use other recipes than those wanting to lose weight.

We have put together a selection of fitness recipes to suit every need. Get inspired!

From simple mixer recipes and quick "to go" variations to experimental recipes for the adventurous, there's something for every taste.

Who are weight loss recipes designed for?

Nutrition is a very individual thing. Everyone is different and processes nutrients differently. However, the basic principles for a healthy diet are universal for healthy people. That is why we have compiled fitness recipes for various nutritional concepts. What we're trying to create is more than just a plate of food.

Fitness recipes for losing weight

A daily calorie deficit is the key to losing weight. Fitness recipes for losing weight must therefore leave you feeling fuller for longer, but still be low in calories and rich in nutrients. That may seem like a contradiction, but it is quick and easy to achieve with the right selection and combination of ingredients.

Fitness recipes for losing weight will help you to get rid of unwanted kilos and will bring out more definition in your muscles – all you need is a clever combination of nutrients. However, the road to your dream body will still require a little discipline. Our foodspring weight loss recipes will make it all a little bit easier for you.

Fitness recipes for building muscle

Muscle building is a real luxury for our bodies. That is to say, building muscle requires a surplus of calories and sufficient protein. And fitness recipes for building muscle are designed with exactly that in mind. They feature plenty of foods that are rich in protein and contain lots of calories.

As most athletes don't have the opportunity to eat many meals throughout the day, it is up to well thought-out muscle building recipes to help achieve training objectives faster. The foodspring fitness recipes for muscle building are designed to support your exercise regime in the best possible way.

The benefits of fitness recipes

The key to fitness is a healthy and fitness-conscious diet. That doesn't mean that you have to do away with sweets altogether and that you can only eat greens with low-fat quark and dry chicken breast. On the contrary: Fitness recipes combine delicious and healthy foods to create a great variety of dishes.

Although lifestyles and diet concepts may vary, everyone has the choice to live healthily and with a clear fitness orientation. Different lifestyles and training objectives place different demands on the recipes.

Fitness recipes for snacks and shakes

If you want to lose weight you shouldn't drink any calories, but if you want to put on weight you should? Well it's not as simple as that. Shakes can do so much for your body – as a filling snack, an extra serving of protein in a muscle building diet or as a simple nutrient boost in the form of a smoothie, shakes are extremely versatile.

Athletes are human too and do get hungry between meals or have a craving for something sweet. That’s when it helps to have a healthy snack or shake to hand. The foodspring fitness recipes for snacks and shakes are inspirational and versatile.

The principles of fitness recipes

We will show you 3 simple principles to turn recipes into fitness recipes:

3 general principles for healthy fitness recipes

  • Greens trump everything. At least one fitness recipe a day should be based on fresh vegetables.
  • Small amounts of fruit are essential ingredients in sweet desserts – instead of processed sugar.
  • Every dish should contain carbohydrates, high-quality fats and valuable protein.