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Lactose free fitness foods

Finding lactose free food that tastes good and is also good for you is not always an easy task. We thought long and hard about it and developed our finest fitness food that will fit perfectly into your lactose free diet. It is also delicious.

“Our nutritionists, food technologists and nutritional experts put the lactose free fitness food by foodspring through the strictest quality and taste tests. All to ensure that they are definitely lactose free and delicious.”

Lactose free protein powder? No problem. Our vegan protein is 100% lactose free. As a shake after your workout, a milkshake alternative or in your muesli – it will enrich your everyday diet with wonderfully digestible protein made from peas, rice, hemp and sunflowers and has a full profile of amino acids.

The Crunchy Fruits and Veggies are perfect to eat as a snack between meals. Dried fruits or vegetables. Sugar-free. No chemicals. Simply dry. Doesn’t sound very sexy. But they taste fantastic.

We even leave out lactose in the classic supplements. Why? It’s simple. Because premium BCAAs, creatine, Omega-3 etc. need no lactose to support you in your workouts.

“Lactose free nutrition is fun. Lactose free protein can also taste amazing. With this in mind, we developed our lactose free fitness food here at foodspring.”