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Soya free fitness foods

Would you like to eat less soya? Or is your body sensitive to soya? There are many reasons to cut down on soya in your diet.

We only source our soya that we use in our foodspring products – like our porridge from regional farms near Lake Constance and from Austria. It is cultivated there in a traditional family business and meets ecological and sustainable criteria. But there are still phytoestrogens? Not really, we reduce those as well.

If you are still against consuming any soya, then you can find a large selection of fitness food and supplements at foodspring.

“Our soya-free fitness food is developed by nutritional experts and suitable for a soya-free diet. A soya-free nutrition plan can be beneficial if you have an intolerance to it. A balanced diet with natural foods offers plenty of soya-free alternatives.”

Choose between 3 K or Shape Shake for a soya-free protein shake, bake crispy protein bread and snack on protein bars and Crunchy Fruits. Even our vegan protein contains no soya and provides you with valuable proteins from peas, rice, hemp and sunflower seeds.

CocoWhey refreshes you after a workout and gives you a protein boost, peanut butter and organic coconut oil should have a permanent place in your kitchen.

Our soya-free supplements like Omega-3, creatine and L-glutamine all enhance your success before and after your workout.

Soya is not unhealthy per se – quite the contrary: it has a high protein content and plenty of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Soya can, however, have a negative effect on the hormonal balance in people with thyroid problems. There should be no negative effects for people with normal functioning thyroids. It is best to consult your doctor if you feel like soya does not agree with you.