Recipes for losing weight – no more monotony to get to your beach body

With our recipes, body sculpting no longer feels like a diet. We promise, you can eat great-tasting food and still lose weight. Imaginative recipes with cleverly combined ingredients ensure that achieving your ideal weight can be enjoyable.

Our cooking experts have developed recipes for losing weight, which can be adapted to your specific needs: For vegetarians and vegans, hopeless cooks and connoisseurs, athletes and professionals.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, savoury and sweet. We not only attach importance to low-calorie foods, but also a sufficient supply of nutrients and food that can be enjoyed.

Who are body sculpting recipes designed for?

For anyone, essentially. It doesn't matter if you want to lose a few pounds for the summer or if you're making a fundamental change to your diet to lose a lot of weight. Meals that are rich in protein and vital substances are ideal for a diet accompanied by exercise designed to get you in shape. If you lead a busy life you can celebrate success with our recipes. Good planning is everything: We have to-go recipes for losing weight, which can be prepared in no time at all and eaten later. So you can lose weight no matter what your lifestyle.

We also have recipes for vegetarian diets and for people with allergies. And best of all: Our recipes are so delicious that they can be shared with friends and family and you will still enjoy them long after you have achieved your goals.

The benefits of sculpting recipes

Our recipes have all been developed by nutritionists and are tailored to the needs of people who are on a diet. They have many advantages over the usual diet foods.

1. Rich in vital substances

When you reduce the number of calories in your diet, it is often difficult to get the required amount of nutrients. Weariness and susceptibility to infections are often the result. Our sculpting recipes pack a lot of great ingredients into low-energy meals.

2. Varied

Our cleverly-designed sculpting recipes motivate you to persevere. The main reason a lot of weight loss attempts fail is people restricting themselves to nothing but bland meals. A monotonous diet requires unnecessary amounts of discipline. Our recipes for losing weight are designed to be healthy and delicious.

3. Quick to prepare

We have put together sculpting recipes for hot and cold dishes that don’t require a long list of ingredients or a lot of preparation time. Changing to a low-calorie diet couldn’t be easier.

Principles of recipes for body training

We are faced with lots of junk foods, fat and sugar every day. Plus: they contain all kinds of chemical additives. Even products labelled "diet" or "light" on the supermarket shelves are often only at first glance suitable for losing weight. With a little knowledge, it is actually quite simple to make easy-to-prepare, low-calorie recipes for losing weight. Following a few simple rules can help you avoid frustration and cravings.

10 principles of ideal sculpting recipes

  • Low-carb works. It's not just fat that makes you fat, but too many (supposedly healthy) carbohydrates as well.
  • If you're going to eat carbohydrates, then make sure they're complex. Go easy on the sweet stuff
  • Recipes with a high glycaemic index release insulin and give rise to cravings – better to avoid
  • Protein is the number 1 sculpting aid: It is filling and essential for toned muscles, which is why foods containing protein are an essential component of weight loss recipes
  • Don't forget about healthy fats, your body needs them – nuts, seeds, red fish; avocado should be on the menu every day
  • Baking is healthier than frying in terms of calories, steaming is a particularly gentle way of cooking vegetables etc. and preserves a lot of nutrients
  • If you're going to fry, then use healthy vegetable oils like coconut oil. It's rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are important for the cardiovascular system and a number of metabolic processes
  • Foods with a high water content (e.g. green vegetables) give your meals substance – making it filling without the extra calories
  • (Almost) everything can be replaced with a low-calorie alternative, e.g. sugar with protein powder
  • Regional and seasonal foods are particularly rich in nutrients and keep the body healthy during a low-calorie diet